Her Side

In 2015 I was on the road touring with MOTOWN. I got a call from CB Murray saying that our show, "PEARL, The Musical" got picked up to run in an

OFF Broadway Theatre for the summer time. I left the tour and returned to NYC to start rehearsals.

I'd been working on "PEARL" with the team since 2012. So, when I arrived rehearsals had already started. I was so excited to meet the newest members of the cast.  I had no idea that I'd be walking in the room to meet my future husband.



 Since this was to be a professional situation we did our best to keep our distance. But after the show closed, we got the chance to connect one on one. And just like that, we both knew that this connection was more than just attraction.  The energy between us was magnetic. There was such an ease to it. It just fit.  I knew immediately that I had found "my one". 


When we originally did the production in 2012, CB had shown me footage of DeWitt in hopes that we could get him on board with the project then but as God would have it we didn't actually meet until years later.

Thanks Uncle CB!


As I played Pearl Bailey in the show,  DeWitt played my older brother, Bill Bailey...





His Side

When CB Murray cast me as Bill Bailey in his Musical Pearl, I had no idea I would meet my future wife. CB and I had been in contact about the role for three years. However, our schedules never allowed for me to do the show.


Little did we know, me being in the show was really about me meeting Jennie, and the man up above was waiting for the right time for us to meet.


In 2015 finally the time was right. I was casted as Bill Bailey and I met Jennie.


One night after the show, Jennie and I walked from the theater on 45th street to union square 14th street. We talked the whole way. Then we sat down on the steps in union square and talked not noticing the time until the sun started to come up. At that moment I felt way more than a spark, but forced myself to keep things professional because we were working together and Jennie's father was directing the show!

Definitely not the best time to start developing strong feelings for someone.


The next night the exact same thing happened again. At that point I threw in my towel and accepted the fact that this woman was something I had been looking for for a long time. I continued to keep things professional until the show closed, mainly because of Mr. Harney. Lol. Then after the show I began to lay down the foundation for my future with the love of my life. 


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